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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walt Reunited with another Old Friend

Originally posted August 18, 2010

It is with great sadness that I report to you that we have lost another Legend in the Disney Community, and Walt has reunited with another old friend. On Sunday August 15th, Harrison “Buzz” Price passed away at the age of 89.

Buzz was a research economist for Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and later founded Economics Research Associates (ERA). Buzz worked with Walt and the company on many research projects, but probably his most famous was the study that Walt commissioned in the early 50’s to find the best location for his newest endeavor – Disneyland.

It was just a few weeks ago the we got the chance to listen to Buzz talk, at the Walt Disney Family Museum, about that research project and what it was like working with Walt. Along with Diane Disney Miller and the Greenes, it was a most enjoyable evening, and a great way to start off the Museum’s celebration of Disneyland’s 55th anniversary.

Hearing of Buzz’s passing brought home to me just how important it is to take the opportunities, as they arise, to spend time with the people who are important to us. Everyone who is important in our lives, because you never know, and those who are integral to our interests and hobbies because they can provide insight we may not get any other way. In the case of Disney Legends and particularly those who actually worked for and with Walt, it is especially important in my view, because this is a group of individuals who are getting up there in years and we may not have these opportunities much longer. It is interest and informative to read about their exploits and some very good authors and biographers have capture some of these stories very well, but, there nothing like sitting there enraptured, listening to their personal experiences from their own mouths. I think it gives greater live and depth to our experiences.

So Godspeed Buzz, and Thank You for sharing a little bit of your life with us. I will treasure it always, and I hope you are up there right now, planning that greatest of all theme parks with Walt and the rest of the guys.

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