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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Disney-rific Week

Yes, I’ve been gone for awhile.  No, I did not forget about or lose my Disney passion.

As I mentioned in my last post, things have been very different lately.  So, let’s just get the elephant in the corner out in the open.  At the end of October my wife lost her job at a company she’d been at for 25 years, and then at the end of November, my position was eliminated.  Neither of these events were unforeseen, nor were they really unwelcome, but after both of us working almost non-stop for the last 25 years, they have required a temporary refocusing of attention and energies.  That process is still ongoing, and my time for writing will be limited for awhile longer, but this week’s events just demanded some of their own attention.

So why was this a Disney-rific week (and that is Disney Terrific!)?

Let’s start with Monday.  So, Monday morning I’m sitting in front of the tube, watching the morning news with laptop in hand… well in lap really.  As my email is downloading for the first time that day, I notice an address that catches my attention; DL Disney Special Activities.  Well imagine my complete surprise when I opened this email and found an invitation to come down to Disneyland and participate in an in-person opinion and feedback survey.  I, of course, replied immediate to confirm.  The session in on February 4th, so watch here for the coming report on this trip, and the wonderful perks.

Next, while not Disney related, my former employer arrange for job placement services and part of my package, and this last week I spent two day in a job search seminar.  As I mentioned above, I’ve worked almost 25 straight years, moving from one job to another, mostly through referrals and at my last company for 11 years, so I’ve not had to do a proper job search for a very long time.   I am amazed at just how the resume formats, search techniques, and interview processes have changed.  Hopefully, you will never have to experience this kind of turmoil in your life, but, if you do, and your employer offer these services as part of your severance package…  PLEASE take advantage of them.

Third great event of the week was regarding this blog.  As you are all very aware, I have not written anything in a month.  What you may not know is that is that (little any good nosey person) I have stats software running on my blog.  I check it every couple of weeks, but hadn’t checked it since the beginning of December.  All I can say is:  Thank You!  to all the new visitors.  I have seen a three follow increase in visitors since October, with January being the highest ever.  Again, thank you to all of you visiting this blog, and I hope you continue find value here.  If you are interested, I’ve created a group on Facebook for this blog (link below) where you can receive updates when I post new material.

And now for the piece de resistance (hmmm, that sure doesn’t look as impressive in writing as it does when you say it):  My wife and I attended a session with the voice of Donald Duck – Tony Anselmo at the Walt Disney Family Museum on Saturday.  I’ll be writing up my note on that event and have a posting later in the week, but…  As we were walking into the Museum gift shop, I stopped briefly to look back and ask my wife a question.   As I turned around to proceed, I was almost face to face with Diane Disney Miller and her husband Ron.  It’s been on my bucket list to meet her in person at some point, but, I almost never see her without a crowd gathered around her.  So this was an amazing event, and I was completely dumbfounded, unprepared, and (for me a rather new feeling) awe struck.  I managed to clumsily introduce myself, and thank her for what she and her family have done with the Museum (I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan and Museum member).  She point to Ron and said he had a lot to do with, and I acknowledged him, but realized that after Diane and I had shaken hands and moved on that I was so fixated on Diane that I had almost completely ignored Ron.  So, for the rest of the afternoon I was silently kicking myself for lack of manners.  This was particularly irritating to me because, also on my bucket list is to create the opportunity to spend some time with Ron Miller (a former CEO of the Disney Company) to learn more about his time in management and at the helm.  There seems to be a void in the information and stories about management between Roy and Walt and the Eisner era.  I like to learn more, and to possibility write about it, so I was feeling I had just put a nail in that balloon.  Well, after the session I had the opportunity to stop Ron for a moment and apologize for my boorish behavior.  Standing there in my Disney regalia, a Museum ball cap (complete with my Founding Member, Friend of Museum Pins, and my Mousetalgia button), a Mouseketeers Hawaiian shirt, and a Grumpy t-shirt, Ron kindly commented that it was impossible that I could have been boorish.  He is a very kind man.  I even managed to mention my interest in his time at Disney, so maybe, just maybe, I’ve laid a cornerstone for that to happen someday.

So it was a very Disney-rific!!! Week.

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